Pest Control Certified

Pest control, within the meaning of this law, includes one or more of the following activities: (a) The use of any method or device or the application of any substance to prevent, destroy, repel, mitigate, curb, control, or eradicate any pest in, on or under a structure, lawn ornamental

Licensed & Certified Electricians

We conform to the 2005 edition of the National Electrical Code. The Commercial/Industrial installations conform to the 2007 edition of the NEC. All buildings to which the state building code applies are subject to inspection.

Flooring Installation

Refresh your home or busienss with new, repaired or updated floors by one of our licensed contractors.  From laminate to hardwood to time.  We offer high-quality floor services.  Let our trained installers handle your flooring projects.

HVAC Certified

A heating and/or cooling apparatus consisting of an air heating and/or cooling fixture from pipes, plenums or blowers including any accessory and equipment installed in connection herewith; specifically excluding window units, automotive or farm implement type heating and/or air conditioning equipment.

Licensed & Certified Plumbers

Blueprint reading Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems Plumbing tools and equipment Plumbing materials Measuring and calculations Welding

Medical Installation

We have certified and licensed medical equipment installers on the ready.  We pride ourself in providing quality services for some of the country’s largest medical equipment distributors and officers & locations that the medical products wind up in.